About me

So why should you take what I have to say about becoming a proofreader with anything more than a pinch of salt? Good question…

So here we go

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Michael and I am the owner and director of London Proofreaders (have a look here – https://londonproofreaders.co.uk). I started out part-time as a freelance proofreader for many years while working a 9-to-5 before a redundancy forced me to set up my own proofreading company and hire proofreaders to scale it . We are one of the leading academic proofreading businesses in the UK and were established over 8 years ago.

I know both sides: what it takes to become a freelancer AND what companies look for when hiring!

Suffice to say, I know a bit about becoming a proofreader and more importantly the other side, what companies look for when hiring, training and testing proofreaders.

I get so many questions through our proofreading company website about how to become a proofreader and I find it impossible to answer them all. These are questions like:

Finding it impossible to reply personally to all the questions I decide to create the “how to become a proofreader” course to give a definitive answer to these and other questions.

It’s online and self-paced and you won’t find this type of in-depth content anywhere else. Find out more here….